Thanks to the generosity of All Pro Running Back Brian Westbrook, hundreds of local less fortunate children will enjoy holiday gifts they might not otherwise receive this year.  In an effort to double his efforts this year, Westbrook’s philanthropic arm, Brian’s Blessings held two events.

Westbrook seeks to touch the lives of families who often struggle day-to-day to keep food on the table, a roof above their heads and who come under great stress during the holiday season.  With rising energy costs and a slow economy, it means that more people than ever will be depending on the generosity of others this year.  Westbrook wants to make sure no family has to make the difficult decision between heating their home, putting a hot meal on the table, or providing a little joy to their children during the holidays.

“It’s been very humbling for me to participate in events like this,” says Westbrook, “I’m so blessed to be in a position to share with others and to be a part of teaching the children about the importance of being giving back to the community.  I was a part of the Allentown Boys & Girls Club and the local schools growing up and it feels great to come full-circle and help support the kids who are involved there today.”

Wednesday’s event at William Paca Elementary School in Landover, MD was hosted by Westbrook’s parents Ron and Zelda.  “Brian’s Blessings started about eight years ago. The purpose of it is to help less privileged children receive gifts on Christmas and around Thanksgiving time. Brian had been doing this primarily in the Philadelphia area when he was with the Eagles, he wanted to continue that. He’s in San Francisco right now so my wife and I have been representing him in our hometown while he’s away.”

Thursday’s Brian’s Blessings event was hosted by Ron and Zelda Westbrook at the Allentown Boys and Girls Club. This location and event holds dear to Brian’s heart because it is the place where he received his very first football uniform growing up in the Fort Washington area.  Westbrook’s father, Ron Westbrook, address the crowd of children telling them that Allentown is where Brian got his start and if they work hard, they could become successful and be anything they want to be.

In addition to the two events, Westbrook has provided gifts to several deserving individual families who are facing struggles this year.  Some of the recipients include a single mother of three who is ill and awaiting a kidney transplant.  Another is a family with twin girls whose mom has had to stop working in order to stay home to care for one of the twins who has cancer.

Last week Brian’s Blessings distributed hundreds of hats, gloves and other warmth items to children in need and their families.

In recognition of his philanthropic efforts, Westbrook has been nominated for the prestigious Jefferson Award.  Fans can vote for Westbrook through December 31, 2010 by texting “30” to 99158 or they can vote online by going to