Brian’s Blog

I frequently receive questions from people about my horse farm so I thought for my blog this month, I would try to answer some of the most often asked questions.

Q: Do you get involved with the daily activities of your farm or does someone else run it?

A: I am extremely involved in the operation of my farm. Any decisions made regarding the farm or its day-to-day activities are made by me personally. It is a pretty large scale operation so I do have a small team of people that help me with things like managing the barns, feeding and providing care to the horses, and running the office. However, I am there almost every single day and you will find me doing things like putting grass seed down in the pastures, mowing the fields, dragging the footing in the indoor arena, repairing fences and other farm “chores.” The goal for me is to have a well-run horse farm that all my boarders can enjoy and to have a little time left over to ride my horses!

Q: Does horseback riding help keep you in shape?

A: Yes! Horseback riding is actually very good exercise. Some people think the horse does all the work, but the fact is, you need to have strong legs and a strong core to ride often and for any length of time. And, there is a lot of work to be done both before and after your ride like grooming and bathing the horse, saddling, cleaning the stalls and other chores that do require some physical effort.

Q: Do you grow anything on your farm?

A: I do not grow any crops on my farm. It is solely a horse farm and I use all the open land as pasture so all the horses that live here have access to lots of green grass for grazing and playing.

Q: Can people come take a tour or see you on the farm?

A: My farm is closed to the public. It is a boarding facility and I respect the privacy of my boarders so I do not allow public tours. Occasionally, I will bring a group of children here on behalf of my foundation, Brian’s Blessings, so they can see what farm life is all about. But, in general, my farm is a private place for my boarders and my family and I to enjoy.

Q: How many horses do you have and were any rescues? Do you have racehorses?

A: I have five horses on the farm. Four are Quarter horses and one is a pony named Sonny, who I adopted. They are are all used for Western pleasure riding. We have several boarders at the farm who compete in jumping and dressage, but I do not race, compete or show my horses. None of my horses were rescues; however, I do support organizations like Days End Farm in their rescue efforts.

Q: What made you decide to get a horse farm?

A: About six years ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go on a trail ride. I went, fell in love with horses and decided right then and there that I wanted to own a horse farm. I bought my farm shortly after and have spent every day since putting a lot of work into making it what it is today. It has been six years of very hard work, but this is a dream come true for me and is worth every minute.

Q: What farm chore do you dislike the most?

A: I think my least favorite chore is the same as any horse owner – cleaning stalls!

Q: Who do you ride with?

A: The majority of the time, I ride with my dad. I have always been close with my dad, but the farm has really created a special father-son bond with us. My dad is at the farm with me almost every day. He helps me with all the hard work there, and then we get to enjoy riding together.